Analog Circuit Training System

The analog circuit training system is designed for experiment teaching of basic analog circuits design. The design principal of the system is to inspirit the students' self-inspiration and their interest in analog circuit design.
Manufacturer part number: Analog Circuit Training System
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1. Modularization design
The system is design to be a build blocks mode based on standardized module, The pre-defned experiment(s) can be implemented in one module. For the complex experiment, two or more modules can be assembled to accomplish it.
2. Scalability
Modularization design makes the system an open one. New modules can be added easily. User can also design the customized module on the platform.
3. More Interesting
A special voice module is designed to improve students' interests of the analog circuit experiment.
4. Enveloped Components
The system adopts a type of socket joint box named enveloped Component, which replaces the actual connection of components in the circuits, so the training system can be easily used.

1.Single-stage CE (or common-source) amplifying
2.Single-stage CC (or common-drain) amplifying
3.Negative feedback amplifer
4.Differential amplifer
5.In-phase linear amplifying circuit
6.Opposite-phase linear amplifying circuit
7.Integrate arithmetic-amplifying adder circuit
8.Integrate arithmetic-amplifying subtraction circuit
9.Integrate arithmetic-amplifying integral circuit
10.Integrate arithmetic-amplifying differential circuit
11.RC sine wave generating circuit
12.Square wave generating circuit
13.Triangular wave generating circuit
14.Comparator circuit
15.Active flter circuit
16.DC stabilized voltage power supply power amplifcation
17.Function generator
18.Power circuit

Power supply Single-phase, 220V, 50Hz
Overall dimension 371*311*121

1. Analog Circuit Training System
- Audio module X1
- CE single-stage amplifying circuit and feedback X1
- Differential amplify circuit X1
- Power amplifcation circuit X1
- Sine wave generating and comparator circuit X1
- Arithmetic-amplifying linear application circuit X1
- Integral and differential circuit X1
- Active flter circuit X1
2. Component box several
3. Connection cables several