DP-832A: Power Supply - Triple output: 195 watts

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Product Information

Dual Range 200 W Power Supply Single Output

Build Remote CommunicationYou can build the remote communication between DP800 and PC over USB, LAN, RS232 or GPIB (option, can be extended via the USB-GPIB interface converter) interface.

Remote Controls Methods
  • User-defined Programming
    You can program and control the instrument using the SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments)
  • Send SCPI Commands via the PC Software
    You can control the power supply remotely by sending SCPI commands via the PC software (Ultra Sigma) provided by RIGOL.
SCPI Command Overview
SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) is a standardized instrument programming language that is built upon the standard IEEE488.1 and IEEE 488.2 and conforms to various standards (such as the floating point operation rules in IEEE754 standard, ISO646 7-bit coded character for information interchange (equivalent to ASCII programming)). This section introduces the syntax, symbols, parameters and abbreviation rules of the SCPI commands.

SCPI Status Registers
All the SCPI instruments execute the status register operations in the same way. The status system records the various instrument states into three register sets: status byte register, standard event register and questionable status register sets. The status byte register records the advanced summary information
reported by other register sets. The SCPI status systems of the DP800 series multi-channel models.



The Rigol DP832A is a very high quality programmable laboratory power supply with three switchable outputs (+30 V/3 A, +30 V/3 A and +5 V/3 A) and a maximum power output of 195 W.

Like all Rigol devices, the power supply features a very well constructed nd easy to use interface offering comprehensive ease-of-use functions, such as programmable voltage curves. The menu has an intuitive structure.

The Rigol DP832A features a relative large (8.9 cm / 3.5") and easy to read TFT monochrome display. In addition to the normal digital displays for voltage, current, and power, these values can also be displayed as signal curves. A timer control can be used to set the output signal to different values in up to 2048 steps.

The DP800 Series Power Supplies combine the ability to source, analyze, and coordinate over time in a powerful new package. The DP800 Series is a family of linear power supplies systems with 3 outputs and up to 195 Watts in total. With one channel isolated users can reconfigure instruments into any number of systems or applications.

Built in V, A, and W measurements make power monitoring easy, but additional wave tracking, timing, and analysis features means there are even more ways to use the supplies. New digital triggering between instruments also makes it possible to reliably combine and connect supplies together. Intuitive to use for everything from education labs to the R & D bench, the DP800 family of power supplies provide incredible value for any application.

Typical Applications
  • R&D Iab General purpose testing
  • Quality Assessment inspection
  • Bias power for RF/MW circuits
  • Automotive electronic test
  • Production testing
  • Device or circuit characterization and troubleshooting

Intuitive User Interface



All important data such as voltage, current, power, and limit values can easily be displayed on the display with a diagonal size of 8.9 cm (3.5") and a resolution of 320x240 pixels.

LAN Setup
Control of the device can be integrated in your own applications, or by using LabView via these interfaces.
Output Delay
Timing Output
Programmable Timer
The voltage and current settings can be changed automatically with a timer control. Up to 100 settings can be stored for this purpose, and then activated one after another for variable intervals (specified in seconds).
V/A/W Display
Changes in the measurement values and settings can be presented very well and in real time using the integrated signal curve display. This makes it possible to detect things like current draw peaks, for example when the current limit is adjusted.
Output Analysis Function
The analyzer can analyze the file recorded and provides the analysis results, including the number of groups, median, mode as well as the average, VAR, range, minimum, maximum and mean deviation of the voltage, current or power of different channel.
Monitor Setup
The monitor can monitor the current output state of the instrument. When the user-defined monitor condition is met, the instrument executes the corresponding operation according to the setting in "Stop Mode", like showing a warning, shut off the output or produce a beep sound.
Trigger In/Out
The rear panel of DP800A provides a digital I/O interface (as shown below) which supports trigger input and trigger output. The 4 data lines are mutually independent and can be used as trigger input line or trigger output line separately.

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